Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Paper Custodian Builds Neon Engine (Neon Neuron)

Today on the Paper Custodians workbench...

we are building our very own

Neon Engine

The Neon Engine is the 
man made form of the 

Neon Neuron.

So, let's get started.
First, download your own Neon Engine
(In the papertoy section of the site)

Once, you have it downloaded, print it and start cutting out the pieces.

Be careful not to cut areas like this /\ out. Those tabs sure are handy. 

Once all the pieces are out, we begin the scoring and folding.

Simply, line up your ruler, and with light pressure, 
drag your tool along the line.

Glue the head together. Starting with the top and bottom flaps.
Leave the last side open and glue last.

Section 1...

Score and fold.

Glue the neck closed first.

Then, glue around.

Finally, glue the last flap closed.


The legs are next. 
Start from the longer side and work you way around.
Then glue the foot tab  to the leg.

Score and fold the arms
And glue around.

Score the hands, fold and cut.

Section 1, GO!
Section 2, GO!
Neon Engine

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